Für die Freilassung von Arbeitern und Studenten

Weitere Infos: The Action Network

Please join us in signing and sharing this petition to call for the immediate release of the workers and their student allies unjustly arrested for union organising and solidarity actions at Shenzhen Jasic Technology in China since July 2018.

Since July, more than 70 workers, activists and students had been harassed, assaulted or detained. So far:

  • 4 workers have been charged with criminal offence awaiting trial;
  • 2 workers and 6 activists, currently in detention, are at high risk of facing criminal charge;
  • Released student supporters are disciplined by their colleges, under police surveillance at home.

This is the most severe repression against workers and labour activists in China since a crackdown on labour rights organisations in 2015.

We, the undersigned, support the right of Chinese workers to organise unions, and the right of their allies to express solidarity, and demand the Chinese government:

#Release all detained workers, reinstate their jobs and recognise their right to unionise;

#Release all detained student supporters, and protect them from retaliation;

#Release all detained labour rights group staff.